21 May 07 Demographic Targeting With AdCenter and AdWords

A while ago I attended a webcast hosted by the team over at adCenter. The main focus of the webcast was to showcase some of the amazing tools marketers now have available for PPC advertising.

I’ve always known that people in different demographic groups respond differently to certain offers, but up till now it seemed like the only way to know would be to collect your own data by surveying your traffic. This can often be expensive and time consuming.

During the webcast, I discovered that adcenter gives you the ability to run a demographics report. This will show you information such as impressions and CTR broken down by age group, gender and even geographic location. With this information you can then create campaigns targeted at the demographic groups that’s converting the best.

Google has a similar feature that only works on the content network, so in order to take advantage of it, you’ll have to set up a site targeted campaign. I imagine that as google collects more and more information from its users especially via iGoogle, it will be able to offer this feature for the search network as long as the searcher is logged in.

The screenshot below show what’s currently available in adwords

Google AdWords Demographic Targeting