19 Mar 12 $1.6 Billion Loss For Just 1 Second Delay

I’ve posted before about the importance of a speedy website. This infographic puts a different spin on what this means at scale and adds some other interesting data points, especially on the mobile side.

08 Mar 11 Marketers: Reduce Your Latency and Increase Your Profits

When I’m in the mood for some extra technical reading, I like to hang out on the High Scalability Blog. One of their older but eye opening posts is a collection of articles and research papers on the effects of latency on sales, traffic and website engagement.

This section particularly grabbed my attention as it highlights how dramatic an effect latency really has on your online revenue.

Latency matters. Amazon found every 100ms of latency cost them 1% in sales. Google found an extra .5 seconds in search page generation time dropped traffic by 20%. A broker could lose $4 million in revenues per millisecond if their electronic trading platform is 5 milliseconds behind the competition.

We are always looking for tweaks to make Tracking202 and Prosper202 faster, as we undersand how much of a difference a few 100ms can make on your earnings. I recently wrote a post highlighting a few quick fixes you can make right now, that will yield some noticeable differences for you.

Read: Money Loves Speed

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19 Nov 10 Oh Noes! I’m Outing Facebook Ads

I just saw this ad on Facebook and love how attention grabbing this ad is, especially since it’s written in a way to connect with a very specific target audience.

However, immediately after enjoying how smart and witty the ad was, the next thing that popped into my mind was:

“Wait a minute, why am I even seeing this ad running, did the reviewer ‘forget’ about section 15 of the Facebook ad guidelines?”

Here’s a Snippet From Section 15 of the Ads Guide and also a screenshot of the Ads FAQ that explains this further with an example:

Grammar, sentence structure, spelling, and spacing

Ad text must be grammatically correct and contain proper sentence structure.
Ad text must be in complete sentences.
Ads cannot include excessive repetition (such as “buy, buy, buy”).
Ads must use correct spelling.
Ad text must include grammatically correct spacing.

Screenshot of Ads Faq

What are your thoughts on this?

Is it ok for Facebook to allow a company like Panasonic to break the ads guideline or operate under a different set of guidelines, when a similar move by a smaller advertiser would be met by the very familiar disapprove message that I’m sure many of you reading this post have grown to love (to hate)?

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04 Nov 10 The Holidays Are Coming! Are You Ready?

The Holidays are just around the corner, and that means it’s time to grab your piece of the multi-billion dollar holiday spending season. The big online retailers Amazon, eBay, Walmart and more have already started heavy promotions. The graph below is an aggregate of shopping related searches on Google over the past 12 months. So the spike at the beginning shows last years volume, the spike at the right of the graph show what is happening right now.

For more information on the Holiday Shopping Season, I recommend you check out the Google Retail Blog.

Hint: Check out their posts from last year, both before and after the holiday season.

More Cool Holiday Resources For You

This year Google has launched the Holiday Marketing Central, the data and infor shared here could be invaluable if used correctly.

For example did you know that Tuesdays are the biggest shopping days during the month of December? I thought Monday was the biggest shopping day.

Seasonal Holiday CampaignsThis is a presentation I created last year for the San Francisco Meetup202 Group, it’s was refreshed this year and should give you more insight and data to get you motivated.

Download Seasonal Holiday Campaigns PDF File

Finally here’s a recent post from Ian Fernando, that talks about tools affiliates can make use of to easily build holiday themed shopping sites.

What has your experience been? Is this the biggest time of the year for you?

27 Sep 10 New Facebook Ad Format

Today while doing some research on Facebook, I noticed that a few of the ads are now showing a destination url right below the ad’s headline.

At this point in time it doesn’t look like all the ads are showing this. For example ads to Facebook pages don’t have the destination urls showing on the ads.

The urls are actually showing the final destination page so use of tracking links don’t seem to affect the url shown on the ad, however there were a few ads that had destination urls that definitely didn’t match the actual destination url. Considering these were all affiliate ad, I assume the advertisers were cloaking, causing the Facebook bot to grab and show the wrong display url.

Up until now there was no need to consider your display url when running Facebook campaigns, now it looks like now there will be some advantages in having landing page urls that are targeted to the offer being promoted. This is a technique, I’ve been using on adwords for years for increasing mt CTR. Urls that are too long are currently being truncated.

Facebook users will now also have a better idea of where they are going to be taken before even clicking on an ad, depending on the situation, expect your CTR to increase or Drop. You may also start to see a drop in duplicate clicks since users will now be able to know that multiple variations of an ad all lead to the same site.

At this point in time, the display url doesn’t seem to be showing in everyone’s account and it may be a test that may not end up going live fore everyone. Are you seeing this change in your account?

05 Sep 10 Cheap Facebook Traffic For The Taking

For many of us in the US, it’s easy to forget or not realize that 70%+ percent of Facebook’s 500+ million active users are NOT in the US. This means that if you have a product or service that can be used by the international web, you need a plan for utilizing Facebook’s relatively cheap international traffic to grow your bottom line. This short guide will provide you with a few pointers on how to best advertise to non-US Facebookers and also show you where to go to get the cheapest international traffic.

Watch your language!

Is the landing page of the offer in English or another language? Remember, it’s possible to target people by both language and country, so ensure the language of the page matches up with the language selected your ad. By default, facebook will target your ads to speakers of the official language of the country you are targeting, don’t make the mistake of writing an English ad that may potentially be shown to a non-English speaker. You will only end up with a low CTR ad. It’s safe to assume that many of you reading this may not be native speakers of some of the offer you promote. Use a tool such as Google Translate to help you.

Find The Right Offers

Ask your affiliate manager at your favorite network for a list of their top international offers. They are there to help you, so make use of them as a resource. Just a few months ago, it was much harder to find offers to run internationally. Now almost all the major networks have a reasonable collection of international offers, often they are available for countries other than the usual countries that everyone things of when looking to promote “International” offers i.e. Canada, UK, Australia, and even New Zealand so explore and be adventurous with your offer selection.

Geo Targeting Can Be Your Enemy

Many savvy advertisers and affiliates use scripts to automatically redirect non-locals to another page. This can backfire especially with Facebook because they will disapprove your ad if they don’t land on a page that matches the offer being presented in your ad. One solution is to ask your affiliate manager if there is non-geotargeted link available for use on Facebook. There are other ways to solve this problem; however I won’t recommend them since it could get your account banned.

Know Where The Cheap Traffic Is

Even though 70% of Facebook’s active users are not in the US, it’s still worth noting that the US still has the largest concentration on Facebook users for targeting. Compare over 132,000,000 users in the US vs approximately 28,000,000 in the UK which is the country with the next largest userbase reachable by advertisers.  We are talking about almost 5x more users to advertise to but it comes at a premium. US traffic is the most expensive and competitive to target on Facebook. The recommend CPC for targeting people 25-34 is about $1.12 in the US, however if you were trying to reach the same age demographic in Venezuela you’d be paying only $0.11 this is approximately 10x cheaper.

Here’s a table with the Top 10 Facebook Countries By Traffic Volume and the cost of reaching people aged 25-34 in each country. All data is approximate.

Rank Country # of Facebook Users Cost To Target 25-34 Yr Olds # Of 25-34 Yr Olds
1 USA 132,810,940 $1.12 32,486,140
2 UK 27,806,860 $1.08 7,369,060
3 Indonesia 27,338,560 $0.23 6,100,040
4 Turkey 23,516,140 $0.14 6,982,240
5 France 19,444,660 $0.61 5,290,420
6 Italy 16,888,600 $0.32 4,631,380
7 Philippines 16,235,000 $0.12 3,814,360
8 Canada 16,199,840 $0.74 4,236,660
9 Mexico 15,037,020 $0.17 3,910,700
10 India 13,188,580 $0.35 4,007,160

Would you like a word doc with the top 30 countries? Here’s how to get the file:

Step 1: Like this post in Facebook
Step 2: Tweet this post on twitter.
Step 3: My Facebook fanpage is a bit lonely. “Please Like Me” 🙂 And A link to the word doc will be automatically shown to you.

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18 Aug 10 Using Clickbank SocialPromote For Market Research

If you can see this, then you might need a Flash Player upgrade or you need to install Flash Player if it's missing. Get Flash Player from Adobe.

In this video, I talk about Clickbank’s new SocialPromote and how you can use Facebook’s Activity Feed Social Plugin for quick market research.
Here’s a Live Preview Of The SocialPromote Activity Feed

02 Jan 07 Hello world!

My Personal Blog is finally online. My other posts will hopefully be more interesting.