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19 Nov 10 Oh Noes! I’m Outing Facebook Ads

I just saw this ad on Facebook and love how attention grabbing this ad is, especially since it’s written in a way to connect with a very specific target audience.

However, immediately after enjoying how smart and witty the ad was, the next thing that popped into my mind was:

“Wait a minute, why am I even seeing this ad running, did the reviewer ‘forget’ about section 15 of the Facebook ad guidelines?”

Here’s a Snippet From Section 15 of the Ads Guide and also a screenshot of the Ads FAQ that explains this further with an example:

Grammar, sentence structure, spelling, and spacing

Ad text must be grammatically correct and contain proper sentence structure.
Ad text must be in complete sentences.
Ads cannot include excessive repetition (such as “buy, buy, buy”).
Ads must use correct spelling.
Ad text must include grammatically correct spacing.

Screenshot of Ads Faq

What are your thoughts on this?

Is it ok for Facebook to allow a company like Panasonic to break the ads guideline or operate under a different set of guidelines, when a similar move by a smaller advertiser would be met by the very familiar disapprove message that I’m sure many of you reading this post have grown to love (to hate)?

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