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09 Sep 10 Social Proof Is King Especially on Facebook

I’m Nana Gilbert-Baffoe and I Endorse this blog post!

As a marketer you should know about the psychological phenomenon known as social proof and its power and ability to get people taking action or feeling more comfortable about taking an action because they see other people have already taken a similar action. Social proof becomes even more powerful when people you know, like and trust endorse an action or product and Facebook ads includes an incredible ability to tap into this phenomenon with Social Endorsement. To see how social endorsements work on ads, take a look at the image to the left.

How many of you could resist from clicking my ad or even liking it too if you knew someone as likable, charismatic, and humble as me was endorsing my own ad?

So the ability to click like on ads is not new, but until today all you could do is assume and hope that someone (hopefully someone influential) had clicked the like button. There was no way to actually know how people were engaging with your ads and if anyone had actually taken to time to click Like on your ads.

Take a look at the new data Facebook just made available to advertisers

In a note today the FB ads team announced that we now have access to some pretty interesting data on how people are interacting with our ads and if anyone has clicked like, it doesn’t have all the data I’d like to see, but it’s definitely a start in the right direction.

There ad manager now shows one new column labeled Social %, this shows the percentage of ads that were shown with asocial endorsement at the bottom. To get access to all the extra metrics you see in the screen shot, you will need to run an Advertising Performance report in the report manger. In the image the Impressions column is nothing new, but right next to it we have Social Imp % which is the same as the Social % metric shown in the ad manager. The next new metric is Social Clicks, this shows how many clicks originated from ads with social endorsements on them. The final and more interesting to me is the Social Click Rate one. I had always guessed that ads with social endorsements enjoyed a higher CTR but there was no way to really know. Now we know. I chose to share data from a campaign with enough data that my conclusions would be more statistically valid. If my math is correct, having social endorsement on my ads increased my CTR by over 41%. This is huge, and I’m going to start experimenting with ways to get more social endorsements on my ads.

It would be interesting to get some more data from others as to how much better or worse your ads performed when enhanced with social endorsements, feel free to share your data in the comments. Hint, Hint! Additionally I’d like to see the actual number of endorsements my ads got and how well these ads improved conversion rates. The conversion data would only be available to people using the Facebook conversion pixel. I’m sure Facebook will add this over time.


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