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05 Sep 10 Cheap Facebook Traffic For The Taking

For many of us in the US, it’s easy to forget or not realize that 70%+ percent of Facebook’s 500+ million active users are NOT in the US. This means that if you have a product or service that can be used by the international web, you need a plan for utilizing Facebook’s relatively cheap international traffic to grow your bottom line. This short guide will provide you with a few pointers on how to best advertise to non-US Facebookers and also show you where to go to get the cheapest international traffic.

Watch your language!

Is the landing page of the offer in English or another language? Remember, it’s possible to target people by both language and country, so ensure the language of the page matches up with the language selected your ad. By default, facebook will target your ads to speakers of the official language of the country you are targeting, don’t make the mistake of writing an English ad that may potentially be shown to a non-English speaker. You will only end up with a low CTR ad. It’s safe to assume that many of you reading this may not be native speakers of some of the offer you promote. Use a tool such as Google Translate to help you.

Find The Right Offers

Ask your affiliate manager at your favorite network for a list of their top international offers. They are there to help you, so make use of them as a resource. Just a few months ago, it was much harder to find offers to run internationally. Now almost all the major networks have a reasonable collection of international offers, often they are available for countries other than the usual countries that everyone things of when looking to promote “International” offers i.e. Canada, UK, Australia, and even New Zealand so explore and be adventurous with your offer selection.

Geo Targeting Can Be Your Enemy

Many savvy advertisers and affiliates use scripts to automatically redirect non-locals to another page. This can backfire especially with Facebook because they will disapprove your ad if they don’t land on a page that matches the offer being presented in your ad. One solution is to ask your affiliate manager if there is non-geotargeted link available for use on Facebook. There are other ways to solve this problem; however I won’t recommend them since it could get your account banned.

Know Where The Cheap Traffic Is

Even though 70% of Facebook’s active users are not in the US, it’s still worth noting that the US still has the largest concentration on Facebook users for targeting. Compare over 132,000,000 users in the US vs approximately 28,000,000 in the UK which is the country with the next largest userbase reachable by advertisers.  We are talking about almost 5x more users to advertise to but it comes at a premium. US traffic is the most expensive and competitive to target on Facebook. The recommend CPC for targeting people 25-34 is about $1.12 in the US, however if you were trying to reach the same age demographic in Venezuela you’d be paying only $0.11 this is approximately 10x cheaper.

Here’s a table with the Top 10 Facebook Countries By Traffic Volume and the cost of reaching people aged 25-34 in each country. All data is approximate.

Rank Country # of Facebook Users Cost To Target 25-34 Yr Olds # Of 25-34 Yr Olds
1 USA 132,810,940 $1.12 32,486,140
2 UK 27,806,860 $1.08 7,369,060
3 Indonesia 27,338,560 $0.23 6,100,040
4 Turkey 23,516,140 $0.14 6,982,240
5 France 19,444,660 $0.61 5,290,420
6 Italy 16,888,600 $0.32 4,631,380
7 Philippines 16,235,000 $0.12 3,814,360
8 Canada 16,199,840 $0.74 4,236,660
9 Mexico 15,037,020 $0.17 3,910,700
10 India 13,188,580 $0.35 4,007,160

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